In response to the government’s call for developing the nation’s photovoltaic industry, promoting industry structural optimization and upgrading, and stimulating economic restructuring and transformation of northeastern China, the first Northeast Asia Distributed Photovoltaics Forum Conference was held in the Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel on May 3rd of 2018.

The event, cosponsored by Jilin Energy Bureau, Changchun Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Changchun Municipal Exhibition Office, Century New Energy Network and co-hosted by the Jilin Province Wind Energy Solar Energy Society and Century New Energy Network, saw unprecedented success with more than 500 household distributed enthusiasts and industry elites from all over the country discussing solar poverty alleviation efforts and the development of distributed photovoltaics.

Notable attendees include Yang Weizhong of Jilin Energy Bureau, Dr. Chen Dongpo of SADI Research Insistute and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Dai Siyuan of China Photovoltaic Industry Associate, northeastern region business director Yang Liming of State Grid Corporation’s cloud business department, and Energy Internet Finance CEO Li Yue.