Words From Some of Our Clients…

Mr. Xiaorong Cao

Vice President of Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd.

“Century New Energy Media and Suntech share the same values of being pragmatic, efficient, collaborative, and innovative. The results of our pursuits to be so can be seen in Suntech’s performance as well as CNE Media’s the objective and accurate reports on the new energy industry. Suntech wishes Century New Energy Media continued success in the years to come!”

Mr. Xiaozhong (Colin) Yang

Trina Solar Chief Branding Officer

“The global energy structure is undergoing unprecedented changes, and new energy will surely become the main energy source. Century New Media Network is at the forefront of the developments in the new energy sector, providing its audience with timely reports on industry changes and trends, offering first-hand information on photovoltaic and smart energy industries whilst making contributions to the energy reform, which is worthy of praise and admiration!”

Mr. Chuan Lu

CHINT New Energy President

“Century New Energy Network is a new energy industry media veteran and a witness to the industry’s development over the years. Thank you for empowering the domestic brands and providing us with a voice! In 2020, CHINT New Energy and our industry colleagues will continue to work together to advance this industrial transformation and the sustainable energy agenda through further scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, and high quality services.”

Ms. Sabrina Lyu

Founder of Re-debut Marketing

“As a multicultural marketer, I respect Century New Energy Network’s professionalism and expertise. They have kept a rather sensible and moderate standpoint when approaching industry changes and incidents. As a reader, they have also provided me with timely and insightful news and reports. Along their journey of going global, I hope CNE Media can provide global readers with valuable and neutral publications while facilitating PV industrial communications on a global scale.”

Mr. Gang Li

Seraphim Energy President

“For many years, Century New Energy Media has been consistently providing fast, accurate and professional reports on the renewable energy sector. Being one of the sector’s most authoritative media organizations that offers in-depth, high quality, and comprehensive coverage on the renewable energy sector, Century New Energy Media’s achievements as well as contributions to supervision by public opinion are quite evident.”

Mr. Yang Xu

GCL New Energy Holdings President

“Ecological economics is changing the world, evident by the increase in renewable energy utilization. Through providing the renewable energy sector and the public with the fastest, utmost professional, and most insightful information, Century New Energy Media is serving as a bridge for industrial transformation while helping energy companies develop globally.”

Dr. Yiming Wang

Ginlong Technologies CEO

“Efficiency and innovation are crucial driving forces behind Ginlong’s development. Through ongoing collaboration with Century New Energy Media, we have developed great admiration and understanding for one another. With the continuous advancement of the new energy revolution, we will certainly do our part to help humanity usher in a new era.”

Mr. Hailiang Xu

Vice President of TÜV SÜD, Greater China.

“Century New Energy Network provides timely, fresh and multifaceted PV industry consulting information based on its industry expertise and in depth interpretation of policies. Its media platforms and think tank are exceptional sources of valuable industry information. I wish Century New Energy Network all the best in the years to come, and hope they continue to make valuable contributions to this sector! ”

Mr. Jianfeng Yan

Global Marketing Director, Huawei Energy

“Century New Energy Network consistently provides the most timely and valuable reports for our sector at a point in time where digital transformation of the PV industry is thriving and the integration of AI and other new technologies with traditional power plants has brought about a revolution in operation and maintenance; helping to boost the healthy development of the alternative energy industry!”