Company History

Over the years, CNE Media has placed great emphasis on internal control and risk management, and has been continuously strengthening the company’s overall risk management capabilities while improving the level of corporate compliance. The company will continue to optimize its operating principles to better support the board of directors in scientific decision-making and actively fulfill their responsibilities to shareholders, clients, employees, society, and other stakeholders.


→ Integrated PVMATE and other resources and launched the first issue of PVTIME International in many countries and regions within Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.


→ Relocated business operations to a new location within Changchun’s High-tech zone.

→ Successfully hosted several summits including the 2018 Century Photovoltaic Conference and 2018 Northeastern China Economics Transformation and Photovoltaic Outlook Forum.


→ Hosted the 2017 Century Photovoltaic Conference and 2017 Northeastern China Economics Transformation and Photovoltaic Outlook Forum.

→ Successfully held the first 919 China Household Photovoltaics Conference which attracted industry wide attention and saw more than 700 participants.


→ Held the first Century Photovoltaic Conference as well as the first ever Northeastern China Economics Transformation and Photovoltaic Outlook Forum.

→ Became a member of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA).


→ The first media outlet to publish Power Reform Document No. 9 and gained a high degree of influence and reputation within the PV industry.


→ Became one of the first new energy media organizations to create official social media accounts in order to utilize Wechat’s news platform.


→ Released the first Photovoltaic Brand Lab Brand Rankings data report ranking Chinese PV brands.


→ Established Century New Energy Network which quickly grew into China’s largest professional PV industry orientated media organization.

→ Xinyuan Chuangke (CNE Media) was founded.