Photovoltaic Brand Lab

Established in 2012, Photovoltaic Brand lab (PVBL) is a third party research institution dedicated to promoting the growth of China’s photovoltaic brands. The founding members have experience in areas such as photovoltaic industry media, public relations consultation, third-party evaluation, conference and exhibition organizations, corporate brand managing, and market analysis.

PVBL’s founding principles are, “to be professional, fair, and independent”, adhering to these values, it has established and is continuously improving upon its PV brand database and brand evaluation standards. Attracting industry experts and academic research institutions to provide further assessment and suggestions for its research, promotion, and evaluation of the Chinese photovoltaic industry’s products and brands. Dedicated to promoting the large-scale application and popularization of photovoltaic technologies in China and around the world, PVBL welcomes all organizations and associations to cooperate with us.

Photovoltaic Brand Lab Brand Rankings is the only data research report in China that is supported by a multidimensional evaluation system and has been released annually since its first successfully publication in 2012. This multidimensional evaluation system provides an accurate reflection of consumer attitudes towards Chinese photovoltaic brands and offers insight to companies on the effectiveness of their brand positioning strategies. PVBL’s continuous improvements to its evaluation system year to year has more and more overseas institutions paying closer attention to its annual rankings, using it as an instrument for providing an overview for China’s PV market.

PVBL adheres to and has met all evaluation criteria for national standards:

  • GB/T 31041-2014 <Brand Value Requirements for Quality Evaluation>
  • GB/T 31042-2014 <Brand Value Requirements for Service Evaluation>
  • GB/T 31043-2014 <Brand Value Requirements for Technology Innovation Evaluation>

The maximum achievable corporate brand rating is 1000 and is calculated after companies have undergone the extensive evaluation system which is based on the assessment of 5 primary and 10 secondary indicators.

The 5 primary indicators are: sales, net income, research & development, overall influence, and overall service.

The 10 secondary indicators are: brand design, brand popularity, brand reputation, brand loyalty, product quality, service quality, marketing promotion, social responsibility, industry impact and societal impact.

Finally, the top 10 PV brand rankings for various categories are finalized in preparation for the announcement ceremony each year. These categories include but are not limited to: Top PV Power Station Developers, Top Power Station EPCs, Top Components, Top Inverters (centralized/string/residential), Top PV Modules, and Top Residential Systems.

PVBL’s Primary Objectives

  • Collect, organize brand related data and conduct brand value research
  • Formulate photovoltaic brand evaluation criteria
  • Organize marketing exhibitions and seminars
  • Carry out the promotion and popularization of photovoltaic brands
  • Create an accessible think tank suitable for international use

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