Changchun Xinyuan Chuangke Information Technology Co., Ltd. (English abbreviation “CNE MEDIA”) was established in 2012 and is headquartered in the city of Changchun's Jingyue National High-tech Zone. It is China's leading alternative energy media consultation and conference hosting services provider. Our business closely follows the renewable energy and power generation industries' developments and report on topics including but not limited to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation, wind power generation, energy storage, micro grids, power grid integration, and environmental protection.

Product of CNE Media - Century New Energy Network ( is able to reach more than 10 million readers annually through our numerous platforms including official webpage, social media applications and our WeChat platform. Readers of our products include members of government, national level associations, alternative energy associations, China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), China Securities Regulatory Commission (SFC), China's major banks, securities institutions, globally renowned photovoltaic manufactures, power station developers, investors, researchers and consultants.

Product of CNE Media - PVTIME International ( offers professional media coverage for the solar energy and energy storage sector. Its coverage focuses on relevant current topics both home and abroad, including articles on market analysis, policy news, business reviews, project developments, technical articles, etc. Adhering to its objective, fair and accurate reporting principles, PVTIME International provides high-quality coverage for English readers who are interested in PV industry developments, and is operated independently by the international team.



CNE Media's "Century Photovoltaic Conference", "CNNE", "China Distributed Energy Summit" and other international industry exchange summits have been regularly held in China, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Thailand and Singapore. CNE Media is dedicated to promoting clean energy utilization to aforementioned countries while making outstanding contributions towards the development of industry brands. CNE Media's clients are mostly Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned energy groups and publicly traded companies. Past and current clients include: Huawei, Siemens, GE, DuPont, GCL, BP, Longji Solar, Jinko Solar, Zonergy, China Datang Corporation, State Grid Corporation of China, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, China Minsheng Investment Group, National Power Investment Group, SUNGROW, Akcome and more. CNE Media welcomes all who embrace the idea of a world powered by alternative energy and passionate media members in hope that we can work together towards creating a bluer sky for future generations.

Our mission

To build a leading global information platform for the alternative energy industry.

Our Vision

Building bluer skies together.

Our Business

Media Services: WeChat, Social Media Application, News Reports, Feature Columns, Video Columns; 

Marketing Services: Product/Brand Promotion, Brand Planning, Product Launch Ceremonies/Public Relations Events, Integrated Marketing; 

Research and Consultation: Market Research, Strategic Consultation, Industrial Planning, Expert Consultation; 

Venture Capital Services: Financial Advisory, Entrepreneurship Guidance, Capital Summits, Investment Seminars, Entrepreneurship Competitions; 

Other Services: Industrial Investment Service, Exhibition Services, WeChat Operation Services, Talent Recruitment Services, IT Services.