In 2016, Century New Energy Network (CNE) collaborated alongside Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL) and successfully organized the first annual Century Photovoltaic Conference (CPC) in Shanghai. Since then, the CPC has become one of the most anticipated and prestigious photovoltaic summits for China’s expanding PV industry.

The CPC is dedicated to promoting the development of China’s photovoltaic industry as well as providing an exchange platform for intelligent discussions for political, industrial, and financial parties, identifying opportunities as well as difficulties. Through this platform, the CPC encourages constructive discussions on areas such as macroeconomics, developmental trends, and policy outlook.

Additionally, the announcement ceremony for the “PVBL Chinese Photovoltaic Brand Rankings” also takes place at the conference. PVBL rankings is the only data research report in China that is supported by the multidimensional evaluation system and has been released annually since its first successful announcement ceremony in 2012. The multidimensional evaluation system provides an accurate reflection of consumer attitudes towards brands and offer insight to companies on the effectiveness of their brand positioning strategies. PVBL’s continuous improvement to its evaluation system year to year has more overseas institutions paying closer Attention to its annual rankings, regarding it as the “barometer for China’s PV market”.